Bot time outs

Interesting thanks. Maybe I’m straining the node in some way. I do store simulation data in the jar itself which I load up as needed which may strain the IO in some way I guess. It’s only 30 MB though so I don’t really understand why that could be such a huge issue.

Maybe someone else can confirm whether they see the same thing or if they also have timeouts in other games.

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Just checked through 15 matches against some of the top 10 players and the only timeouts were when playing against @LouisLotter - maybe someone else could also check?

@LouisLotter kicked my ass twice, no timeouts.

Correction, the match logs shows different (I was looking at endGameStatus).

So yeah, looks like in the last game LCubed had a couple of " No command provided" situations.
Man, now the loss is even more embarrassing.

The first match did not have any timeouts btw .

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also just checked and it seems like @LouisLotter is the only one so far with timeouts from the 13 matches i’ve checked.

I also apparently have a match where nothing worked - only match log was generated full of errors.
Both bots apparently failed to startup (or something), both got 0 score, and I got flagged as the loser.

FWIW It looks like I got a timout in my game against @kobus-v-schoor, on the last turn.
Could be my fault, just thought I’d mention.

I’ve also only seen timeouts from Louis in the matches I’ve checked. Then again, I still lost both, so :man_shrugging: Pretty close losses though - the EMP really makes for close matches, which I suppose was its purpose. No more runaway victories like in the last round :frowning: Though possibly I was the only one those were fun for!

No idea what could be causing the timeouts. I didn’t see any in testing, and no one seems to have reported them in previous rounds. Must be a recent change and something that only happens on the tournament servers. Possibly because Louis’ bot cuts it closer to the time limit than most other bots I’ve seen? Times in the 600-800ms range whereas most other bots seem to be 0-200ms. Though my bot delays for 926ms every first round and that doesn’t seem to cause timeouts.

There was this thread… Some insight into the mysterious timeouts
At the end of this thread, Pierre Roux says that it is plausible that disk lag could cause timeouts.
And I am doing a lot of IO. I stored my pre-calculated fitness values in files that I access as I need them.