Bug in Test Harnass - Shields

Hi Andre,

I have tested with this scenario you speak of, where player B throws a shield at a point and Player A shoots at the shield in the same round, the tests came back where the shield was activated before the shot took place. Did you throw down a shield before the time and this is the 2nd shield you are using?

Hi Foamy, I have no idea why I’m getting a different result… I’ll have to check it tonight when I get a chance… maybe I’m mistaken…

Did you test this against power shots also - i.e. if deployed on same turn shields activate before a power-shot?

Hi Andre,

I have tested using special weapons as well and for both players the shields are deployed first. Please take note that if you use the shield in round 24 it will be active for round 24,25,26 at the start of round 27 after commands have been published, all shields that need to be deactivated will first be deactivated and then commands will be run afterwards.

Well Foamy, if I’ve been wrong then I’m deeply sorry… will try retesting and preparing my final bot… thanks for all your hard work and all the effort you have made :slight_smile:

Hi Andre,

No worries, I understand and thank you for the time and effort in your bot and feedback, I will keep testing and if something comes up I will let you know and have it fixed before tonight.

Hey Andre, I am not sure if this is relevant, but are you using the absolute latest harness? I haven’t had too much time testing but did not see any odd behavior in the final version of the shield.

Hi Willie,
git says my branch is up to date… unfortunately it still looks to me like if A shoots and B shields the same block, that on the next turn A hits and then B shields afterwards making its shield useless… but I could be wrong since no one seems to confirm my result and Foamy found this not to be the case… (I’m using phase 3 of the engine)

Thanks Willie (& Foamy),
I did a fresh git clone and the problem is gone - I was probably using a fork that wasn’t updated… sorry guys for all the hassles (also thanks to Wynand who confirmed he wasn’t getting this issue)

I was just about to mention that the above issue wasn’t present with my harness.

The way I use my shields I would definately have noticed the above, Might have just been a glitch. I am also aware that foamy was working on that one for a bit which led me to believe that your harness might have been bugged.

Goodluck for the competition :), I am really happy with my final version. Hoping for that email from entelect saying:

Hey, You have been chosen,

So I could mumble in response:
Looks like Im going to the ball afterall…

Last year’s finals was so much fun, but my bot messed up at the end. I want to redeem myself this year.

Also, if I go 2 years in a row nobody can say that the first year was a fluke. Or luck…

Anyways, As you can tell, Im really excited for this one. But will take it as it comes.