Countdown to Zero Hour Announcements

You get a new rule! You get a new rule! Everyone gets a new rule!!
Introducing the Iron Curtain!

The pull request should go through in the next day or two. Keep an eye out on the Github repo.



It blocks all incomming, not blocking outgoing, lasts 6 rounds and can only be used once every 50 turns?


It’s a use it or lose it approach. Every 50 rounds you gain the ability to use it once. If you don’t use it in those 50 rounds, when the next 50 comes along, you won’t get extra uses.


It doesn’t matter where I place it in my side of the map? Also, can it coexist with a building?

Will it be use once every 50 rounds or a 50 round cooldown since you last used it? Personally I like the cooldown a bit more but who cares what I like

@rm2k you can’t choose where to put the iron curtain, it will always be at the edge closest to your opponent of your map, but yes it will coexist with the buildings there.

@linjoehan It’s every 50 rounds, so you can play two directly after each other if you time it to be around a round number that is a multiple of 50.

Some last minute changes were to rather have the Iron Curtain reset period be 30 rounds. Most matches don’t last much longer than 50 rounds, so this new shorter period will give it more uses

Find the newest info here

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