Documenting my bot this year along with a time lapse

Hey Guys,

Feels like just yesterday that I got wrecked in the 2015 Challenge.

Every year I see a handful interested in seeing how the higher ranking contestants did their bots. But I find it extremely hard to go back on my entries once the hype and reward has passed.

Now I am by no means saying that I will be among the top 8 again this year. But as usual I will fight for it.

So I decided that I will do my documenting in real time, I am also doing a time lapse of my full bot coding process. One of the reasons is I want to see how much time I spent on a bot. But at the same time I can also try and help others.

I will hold off on the vast majority of my content till after the finals.

I am planning a followup post aimed at helping new contestants get started.

I will be handling only the JavaScript bot / Language, so if anyone else wants to do something similar in another language, I doubt there would be issues.

Note: The above keeps the past few years’ rules in mind, so if there would be any objections from higher ups, feel free to let me know

Good Luck to everyone.
Enjoy your Easter

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Very Random, With the Meta aspect of your link Sharing, do I have an issue on my end or is it maybe some issue on the forum itself?

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the final result of that. :grin:

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