I will have two source code projects. Does Entelect need both?

I will have one solution based on .NET Core 3 which will just be used for training my bot. There is a lot of bloat and code and libraries used for training. The bulk of the “intelligence” will be gained from the code in this project.

Then I will have a completely separate lightweight .NET Core 2 project where the bot will be executing moves in tournament matches. It will simply import a file from what it learned in the .NET Core 3 project.

The tournament file upload structure proposed by Entelect implies that they need the source code along with the compilation directory. This would be the lightweight .NET Core 2 project.

Must I include the project used for training? It will be in a separate folder. So I’m not sure if the game engine would still work correctly or it will break, since there would essentially be two different source code folders and two projects that could be compiled.

Hi @k290.

You only need to upload the source code of the bot that can actually play the game. Therefore, you only have to submit the .NET Core 2 project :slight_smile: