Launch of Entelect Challenge 2020

The Game for the Entelect Challenge 2020 is Overdrive. It is a two player racing game and the goal is to be the first past the finish line. Code an intelligent bot and stand a chance to win a share of R200K in prizes.
Get started by heading to


Hi, the download button that points to the code is incorrect

Hi @scavanger

This was a small issue with the release being a draft instead of public, sorry about that :open_mouth: . Please try again, it should be available now.

Alternatively, you can go to Github directly:

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AWESOME, you guys are super stars!

What a great game concept - going to start early this year! Iā€™m looking forward to the visualizations as well. This is going to be epic.

I also thought the Visualizer would be awesome.

The new challenge is looking good! Excited to get stuck in.