Launch SuperNova

if I run my python bot and I launch a Supernova I get the following

Something is not right?

Hi Thinus,

Can you please confirm what command your bot sends? We will look into the issue.

Kind Regards,

Hi Jana

I test for PlayerObject[0][8] > 0 and then I return action = 6


Hi Thinus,

I believe this might be related to an existing issue, can you pull this branch of the runner and see if it solves your issue: Phase 3 fixes by Jana-Wessels · Pull Request #42 · EntelectChallenge/2021-Galaxio · GitHub

We will cut a new release at the of the bug week.

Kind Regards,
Jana Wessels

Hi Jana

I rebuilt the game runner with your change, but it did not solve the issue. I hope the new release will clear the problem.


I’m seeing some strange supernova behaviour on the latest version of the game engine.

I’m not sure how to explain it, but if my bot fires a supernova, the heading on the resulting supernova object in the game state is correct, but the actual direction in which it travels seems off. E.g. I shoot a supernova with heading 305 degrees, but the direction in which it actually travels based on the points that it goes through makes it seems as though the actual heading is more like 45 degrees.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? What am I missing?

Edit: I think I might have found the issue. It looks like the heading and speed is swapped around when calculating positions (compared to the teleporter, that behaves correctly). (See 2021-Galaxio/WorldStateService.cs at main · EntelectChallenge/2021-Galaxio · GitHub)

Hi @Meerkat and @James.Reynolds,

I just wanted to follow up on the supernova issue.


Hi rfnel,

Sorry we missed this, will have a look at it tonight. Thanks for finding the issue!\

Kind Regards,

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Thanks Jana.

Do you think the fix for this will make it into the next tournament, given that we only have a week left?

Hello everyone in this thread.

We’ve spent some time investigating - which took longer than expected, along with the crunch from University cup.

As a consequence, we’ve been late on getting this fix out.

We will be pushing out the final tournament to 28 August 2021, to compensate for this. Apologies for the change and the late response.

A new starter pack will be available tomorrow morning, as well as the update on the player portal. Will post again once done.


The issue that @thinus had is still occuring.

throws an exception and shuts down the engine before a winner i found in the following scenarios:

  1. Launch supernova immediately after picking it up.
  2. Fail to detonate supernova before it is removed from the woldstate.

Is this one of the bugs that qualify for fixing before the tournament?