New to Entelect Challenge

Hello everyone!

This will be my first year taking part in the challenge. I’m a newbie to AI but have always had an interest in it, hence why I’ve decided to give this a go as it gives me a chance to put myself up against like-minded people but also learn something new.

I was wondering if anyone has tips of what to expect, how things work (rounds, matches against other bots, etc) and really any help for someone really wanting to give this a proper go.

Looking forward to the challenge :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard!

I always look forward to, and have a lot of fun partaking in the entelect challenge.

My No. 1 tip is to start early and submit a working bot to the portal (when it is available) ASAP, even if it is just the starter bot. There can be challenges getting the bot to compile on the tournament server (usually something silly I have forgotten e.g. package dependency), but you definitely don’t want to leave this to the last minute, when everyone is trying to upload their bots.

I will add more as I have time.

If you want to challenge my bot (when it is ready) we can set something up in the cloud or meet up…

Fantastic! Thank you!

I’m still busy deciding on a strategies and upskilling on the numerous AI algorithms.

I definitely will keep that in mind so thank you.

Also have a look over here for some info on previous years:

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Hi, definitely check out which has a lot of useful information, written by a previous Entelect Challenge winner @justin.worthe