Officially in Distress

I’m trying to debug the silent failure of my bot. The following debug code:

fprintf(debugFile, "Reading game state from mapFile %s\n",mapFile);

GameState state;
fprintf(debugFile, "About to open the file...\n");
FILE* file = fopen(mapFile, "r");
fprintf(debugFile, "errno is %i\n", errno);

results in (I had previously output argv pipe separated):

C:\Challenge2017\Test_Match\398\Bots\398\x64\Release\Ikabot.exe|B|C:\Challenge2017\Test_Match\398\Game\Phase 1 - Round 0\B
Reading game state from mapFile C:\Challenge2017\Test_Match\398\Game\Phase 1 - Round 0\B - map.txt
About to open the file…
errno is 2

It can’t read the file.

Is this a permissions issue? Please help.


My path to map.txt be wrong. I be using the convention I saw in the replay files instead of RingTFM.

Sorry for the drama (and further zip spam).

Shiver me timbers!