Phase 1 Balancing

Hi @Feanor

Can you try running a bigger game, maybe 8 players, and let me know if you still feel the same?

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Hi @WillieTheron,

We’ve just released the latest starter pack: New Starter Pack Release: 2021.1.3

This should address some of your concerns around potential food advantage. We noticed most of the food in your examples was spawning underneath gas clouds and asteroid fields, causing it to seem like your plan was being disadvantaged. We’ve made a change to minimize this, and think it’s got a good balance to it now.

Excelent, thank you, I had one strange map where one half of my map was empty almost, but it could have been a disk writing issue or something,

Will let you know if I see anything,

Im only really going into depth this weekend.
I built something great on paper but its dumb as a rock. Realised its because theres a “round delay” on moves that threw off my logic substantially,

From a food perspective I might finish my bot today.
Then I have the pleasent task of optimising

Edit: It sounds like sarcasm but I actually love making performance optimisations to get some extra cycles out

Great! Hope there is some cool ML/AI in there this year :wink:

Keen to see what you put forward though.

Im doing my own spinoff of “Machine Learning” if thats even a thing.
Its an idea I got while reflecting on last year.

But thats just how my side goes, I never learned AI apart from what I either read or developed while messing around with the Entelect Challenge.

**Though I do admit I did actually do some reading up on Genetic Sequences.
Im still just a guy whose good with Array manipulation, if statements and for loops :grin:

But will see what I can hash out this year. There was some interesting changes from the norm.

Getting back to my own bot now, Hoping that my next update session leaves me with something better than the reference.