Phase 3 Balancing issues/changes

Hi everyone, if you have any balancing issues with the phase 3 release, please describe them here.



I just wanted to mention that I’ve been looking at the terrain generated by the new engine and I think it’s really poor for having exciting races.

The perlin noise seems to introduce walls like this…

and this


and this


Now this does not leave much room for a smart bot to race and pathfind… There are almost never any gaps to go through.

I know the lizard can help with this but I don’t know I think the old random track was much better.

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I agree with @LouisLotter.

In the attempt to make the map look more natural it has become less exciting with no good choices for the bot to make. Walls and mud often just stretches across all lanes in a line like this:


Thats a good point with a great example.

I think scaling the noise function vertically can solve this, specifically sampling the noise function from a larger y-value, which will in effect squeeze the map vertically to show more horizontal gaps.
We also have a ticket to separate the mud and the flimsy walls from the same pattern, this way they will less likely block off the entire track like in the first example.

What do you think about the horizontal length of mud pits, do they feel too long/short in the horizontal axis?

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I think the occasional 3 or 4 mud patch horizontally is OK as long as they don’t stack up vertically as well. Also it would be best if it’s quite rare that we have a horizontally deep patch with only 1 way through. It will give the front player too much of an advantage to plop a cyber-truck or oil in the gap. Especially with the damage mechanic. I honestly think we have a bit too much terrain at the moment considering the addition of the damage mechanic.