Possibility of having a battle consist of more than 3 matches

Hey guys its been a while and have I been waiting…

When I first saw the challenge I thought. This is too easy. Then I started thinking about the problem and I actually found quite a number of “problems” to deal with. That and I have never used Java before. But managed to get the sample bot working and started building my bot. The Golden ticket system is genius.

For the best part I take things as they come and are not one to complain etc. I was wondering about the following.

In bomberman, We had about 400 rounds max. This made for a rather long match. This year on a match that is 14*14 tiles the max number of rounds before a win is 196. And thats and that is extreme Chances of 2 bots both going this long is very close to impossible if your building a serious bot. So my question is. Would there be a possibility to make a match best out of 3? My main reason for asking is. A average bot would be able to beat a near perfect bot if the one bot gets a good “Start” where best out of three would surely produce better results. And on a 10 V 10 match, I see an average of about 50 matches.

With regards to Round Robin matches. This wouldn’t be a problem. Since the number of matches should reflect bot strength.

When it comes to the Double Elimination. I would consider a best out of three system. Just to avoid those scenarios where a average bot beats an “Elite” bot. If the bots could face on 77, 1010 and 14*14 I believe it would be very cool. But I understand that time is a factor. Regardless. Nicely done on the competition. I know things will be a lot of fun as usual. And with as many events as we have. Theres much less waiting involved.

My main concern is. Due to the nature of Battleship. I dont feel a bot’s real strength could not be measured in a single match. (Specifically looking at the double Elimination format). I do intend to get my golden ticket earlier. But thats hopeful more than confident. Giving myself 1 and a half months to build he perfect bot. And then tweaking as needed through the year. But if the Double elimination does come. I believe we need to find a way to “Stablize” randomness a little. I would agree that the larger the map, the smaller the chance of a bot winning randomly. So if the 14*14 map is used for Double Eliminations. It could


Hi Cyberdevs,

I like your idea but I will have to discuss it with my colleagues. We will get back to you with a more conclusive answer once we have thought of all the possible impacts this have.

Hi Cyberdevs,

After some discussion with my colleague, we have decided to stick with double elimination as our main tournament mode as well sticking to a single match between the bots, the reason for this is that we still have a time frame that we have to run all the matches in, however we will be using 14 x 14 sized maps for our tournament mode. We believe with the upcoming changes and rules to the game engine, that elite bots will be favoured and stand a better chance of winning. Thanks for your input, really appreciated,

This is cool thank you.

I noticed that there were some content that is currently irrelevant and figured that you would make things much more interesting as time progresses. Not that its not interesting. I just remember the amount of problems I had with Bomberman last year. It took me almost a month just to get the thing to move. My bot just needs a few tweaks and it will be complete.

I only started noticing that there is a few data in the reference bot that hints on more complexity after my post. And reading through the challenge write-up again. I am also looking forward to the rule changes as they come. My battleship bot was harder than I thought initially. I just got very lucky that most of my plans worked out of the box. So I didn’t need to rewrite everything over and over. So now its those super hard tweaks that will give you that 1% increase in win chance.