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It would be pretty cool too see a progress bar in the future of how many rounds still needs to finish before everyone is done with all their matches :thinking:

Oh It’s tough up there I still have a small chance of sneaking into top 8 with some lucky draws in the elimination round, I hope

I see Justin is rapidly climbing up the ranks again after his previous victory.

wow! that pretty good…But Justin still needs to play quite a few games

As of 18:08pm

We just only crossed the halfway mark, we’ll be here for a lot longer just waiting man.

Just for interest sake, at 19h20 I checked and there was 1879 out of the 3570 matches that completed. The progress bar is a nice idea, and we’ll see when we can add it.

I just wish we could see who we’ve lost to lol. Anyways great job to everyone involved in setting all of this up. What a fun day :slight_smile:

It would be great to see who we lost to, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the double elimination round to see that.

Interesting day nonetheless. I made a last minute tweak before my final submission that I was a bit worried about afterwards, but my bot seems to be holding its own pretty well.

08/01/2018 08:04 am *

I am feeling kinda bad… am i causing the games to go much longer o-o when i am comparing my score to the rest

@justin.worthe Well done seems like you are sneaking your way to 1st place


We are almost done everyone :smile:


Oh my goodness , last few games made quite a difference

Top 10 is basicely between @LouisLotter and @justin.worthe

and @Sashen Govender and @Riaz Shalk

15th this time, basically back to drawing board number 1 for me, Well done on your second golden ticket Justin.

Well done to everyone!

Top 10 has been decided it seems:

Well done everyone. I’ve been keeping a close eye on that leaderboard all day :joy:

My understanding is that I can’t actually get a second golden ticket, so that means @LouisLotter should be getting it, right?

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Yeah well done @Justin and everyone else. I’ll be honest I’m happy it’s done now lol. Was interfering with my sleep a bit the last two evenings. :sweat_smile:

Also thanks to the engineers that’s put this all together. Most fun I’ve had coding in a long time.

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