@critic Yes I agree. We try to keep the parsing of the state file as close to the previous phase as possible. In theory you could parse the first phase’s state file in a way that allows for change and then it should work throughout the challenge (just not necessarily using new features).

We have put a little thought into finding a way to indicate whether or not a bot coded with the previous rules will still work on the new rules, but it’s not realistic to rerun the reference matches for all the submissions. We will let you know if we find something that could help you out here.

Hi @Andre,
It seems that player 1 doesn’t have enough energy to fire. There is an energy cost of 100 to firing a tesla. Try it again with more energy.

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Thanks @Leon… a silly mistake on my part… will check it out…

…checked it and you are 100% right @Leon


@Andre Thanks for supporting us with these, a possible bug is still worthwhile to look at even if it turns out to be nothing.

The team really appreciates it, keep it up :wink:

The C# JSON parser throws an exception by default when using the previous class structure. That’s why I thought that you would clear the uploads after each round, then a mandatory upload needs to take place followed by verification.

Anyway, it’s not an issue for me, just think that you might have a few bots that will fail to run in the next phase.

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I would like to ask if it would be possible to show the custom bot/user names aka “nickName” from bot.json in the results for the next round. It might cause a good laugh…

PS. My strategy is to kill my enemy with jokes.

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Hi Pierre,

I asked here(How to remove bot from next challenge) but got no response.

How do I remove my bot from the next challenge? I am unable to work on it, and I don’t want it to compete.

@RHL Does this post answer any questions you have?

— Ans: The difference I saw below was probably due to the missile speed difference between the upload engine (speed = 1) and the 2-0-3 engine (speed = 2) —

Hi @pierre.roux,
thanks for the kind words…
I feel like I’ve asked a few silly questions and the community has really helped me with their feedback…
so here is one more…
When I upload my bot I have seen a slight difference between the downloaded replay and my replay’s when my bot plays against itself…
I was just wondering if the current upload engine is maybe older or different from starter-pack-2-0-3?

The difference is: as defensive structures are built and a missile is over the structure the engine I have doesn’t block the missile (as the defense is built) but the upload engine does block it (and cause damage to the newly built defense)…

Upload Engine: - defense buildings block as soon as built

My starter-pack-2-0-3 Engine: - newly built defense buildings don’t block missiles

I’m unsure what kind of impact this discrepancy could have on matches…

No. I would like to delete my bot so that it does not take part in the next tournament.


Sorry for the delayed response, we were going around the table thinking of a solution to your issue.

This is the first time someone’s requested removing their entry from the tournament.

What we found was that there is no simple way of achieving this and because of how we built the tournament, it would be disruptive to other players and certain parts of the system to simply delete your entry.

I can assure you that competing in the second tournament, even with an unfinished bot, will not adversely affect you in the final tournament if that is what you are worried about.

We have, however, added this feature to the backlog for next year’s challenge.

@Entellect team

I am wondering if there is going to be interesting info at the end of the tournament or round like

X amount of energy towers placed ( 1000 )
Z amount of attack towers placed ( 8000 )
C amount of defense towers placed ( 6000)
D amount of tesla towers placed ( 400)

Tournament avg rounds lasted -> FF rounds (example 60 avg)
Quickest victory round -> GG
Longestvictory round -> RRR

This should not give away any info about what other players are doing exactly but it would be interesting to see which buildings are being used the most.

The above info should be rather easy to calculate, but i don’t want the logs to be explicitly revealed or who has placed the most buildings ect, just basic fun fact info.


Hi guys!

Apologies for re-asking this, I have searched and searched and can’t seem to find it, but remind me, what are the specs of the instances running the matches?

I had the same question previously, answer is here:

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Hi guys, feel a bit stupid for asking but how do you active the iron curtain? Should it activate automatically if it’s available and you have 100 energy available? Or do you have to fire it? Does it count as a move?

Edit: Sorry just saw now in the Command Format section in the rules. So the x,y coordinates don’t matter right? I place 0,0,5 and it should activate? Or 7,7,5 should be the same?

Edit again: Okay sorry it was an error in my bot, working now thanks. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



One of the matches had the exception: Match duration was 34 rounds, still less than the expected 36 rounds

which bot loses in this case? What are the consequences of this, as how I understand it, there shouldn’t be a penalty for winning quickly

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No need to worry, that output is part of a system which highlights anomalous matches for us, so that we can take a closer look at them and make sure the results are correct. This is just extra precaution from our side to make sure tournaments run fairly for all participants :smile:

Hi, can I just confirm something. If I write to a text file between rounds to track something. The state of the text file will always be reverted to initial state at the beginning of each new match, is that correct?

Hi @Steven
Any additional files that your bot writes is only kept for that match yes. Each match starts with a clean directory for your bot and at the end of the match, the directory is cleaned for the next match.

Perfect, just wanted to make sure, thanks.

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