Release 2023.2.8 · EntelectChallenge/2023-Cy-Fi

Hello Everyone, :wave:
I hope you are enjoying the friendlies and are looking forward to Tournament 2 :partying_face:

I come with a small release just addressing some of the comment that some of the community memebers have made. Thank you for your contributions and apologies for the delay.

2023.2.8 change log

:bug: bug fixes

  • radar looked at next position and not current position
  • radar not showing correct y axis
  • radar showing players that are not on the same level
  • Mach points calculated incorrectly (fixed before T1)

:robot: Bots:
added docker file for Kotlin bot

Again thank you all soo much for the feedback and good luck! :blush:

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Hi there,

I did not know we were still updating the engine, Hope they are reasonably bug free…

As a side note:
I have a question on fairness:

Assuming the engine posts the gamestate to bots one player at a time:
Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4

Then I believe that first players has more time to post responses (And as we process 3 moves per tick, that means that Player 1 will have a non coding advantage).

I could be misreading some things.
But is it possible to perhaps cycle through the post sequence?
So that the state push shifts the priority.

Or does the state get pushed to all players simultaneously?

Just Wondering.
It has been bugging me, but I had a really late start this year.
Almost done at least. I somewhat underestimate how much of a headache Jump would be :sweat_smile:

Hi @Jenique @Izak please take a look at this thread as well