Tesla tower and demolish building could be improved


I’m very excited to implement the Iron curtain.It looks solid.
That said I found the tesla tower and demolish building commands
really underwhelming.

After implementing them and doing some tests in the previous round i chose
to make my bot ignore them completely.

The tesla tower is simply too expensive to ever be used in a close match and demolish
is not worth spending a move on.

Any plans to improve them a bit ??


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I agree, I ignored them as well and ranked 13th. Interesting to hear you didn’t use them either.

We obviously don’t have the same level of insight that the organisers do (having access to all the tournament games), but I suspect demolish and tesla are very rarely used.

The Tesla tower is definitely a late-game weapon, and I’m not sure if it’s used often. My bot does cater for it though.

With that said, I’d be wary of introducing mutlitple changes at this stage of the game. The iron curtain looks like a great addition and I look forward to it.

I can think of at least one good use for the deconstruct command, that can help to win games. :slight_smile:

My bot has 0 logic for the tesla / remove… remove works on a smaller board, not on a larger board. Unless you want to play games with your opponent, but then you have already won. So what is the point?

I agree that too many changes may be problematic. A simple price change should not tax the developers too much though. And yes demolish has some corner case uses, I just the feel the game would be more interesting if it gave 10 energy or could be done in addition to building another tower.

That sounds fair - 5 points in exchange for a (potentially) useful building isn’t optimal.

Edit: And a price drop on the Tesla tower might bring it into play a bit more often as well. Not so cheap that it loses its value as a ‘super weapon’, but perhaps 200 energy points instead of 300 energy points is still reasonable.


Some good discussion about the Tesla Tower cost made it into this release, great timing peeps :wink:

wow awesome… This changes everything. Time to start coding again.