Very important announcement regarding tournament 1

Good day all participants,

Whilst running Tournament 1 we realised that there was a critical flaw in the system.

Firstly, the starter bots that we released weren’t using their unique IDs as provided by the environment.

Secondly, the game engine wasn’t using said IDs even if it was provided. Therefore, we can’t match results to bots.

Unfortunately, we cannot run the Tournament with this flaw as there would be no results to calculate.

We have decided to postpone the tournament until everyone has had a chance to update their bots to correctly use the ID.

We’ve made changes to all the starter bots so you can check out the detailed code on Github

However, the gist of it is as follows:

// Please acquire the bot's unique id from the environment
var token = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("Token") ?? Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("REGISTRATION_TOKEN");

// Include the unique id in the SignalR InvokeAsync call to "Register"
await connection.InvokeAsync("Register", token, botNickname);

Please be so kind to update your bots.

Based on this information, we’ve decided to postpone Tournament 1 to

8 July 2023!

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause

Just confirming, the deadline is for tonight (8th of July) 23:59, correct?




What is the cutoff for Tournament 2?

I could not see that info on the site.

Is there going to be a live leaderboard for this year?

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Anyone who has done this in previous years - any idea when we can expect results on Tournament 1?

print(random.randrange(3, 14), "days")

Think last year tournament 1 took around 2 weeks to finalize, second tournament was a bit faster IIRC


I see the leaderboard has been updated, and seems a few people did not update their bot ID’s, really hope round 2 more people will have joined

What is this :eyes:

I have an infinit loop when my bot goes to the next map and is not the first… not sure how that works but I only fixed it this week, and lots of other small issues so, if this is final Congrats man

Yeah I also still have some getting-stuck-in-loops issues… Curious when we will get an official announcement about the results? Or maybe this is still in-progress

Good day all,

I’ve made the official announcement.

To answer some unanswered questions:

  1. No, there will unfortunately not be a live leaderboard since we need to verify results and ensure that fair play was allowed before publishing.
  2. The website has been updated to reflect the next tournament which will be held on the 26th of August 2023
  3. Deadline is one again 23:59 on that day

Keep watching the forum for an exciting announcement soon!

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