2019 Theme


This is super cool.

Unrelated to the theme - what’s the time limit for making a move?

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in the game-runner-config it looks like only 1 second:
“max-runtime-ms”: 1000,

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Yeah it’s 1 second per round. This year we opted for a continuous running bot strategy, so you can keep some state in memory and don’t need extra time to read in state every round.

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I am sure questions will follow, but for now: this looks great!

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What kind of limits will the storing of states carry? And what measures are in place that prevents another bot from abusing this and draining another bot’s processing?

Excuse the questions. I am just wondering aloud…

A second small query, would we be able to draw a debug log against the reference bot? Building on a rather good computer this year, and I will add a timer to keep myself within the 1 second limit,

I just feel it would help to be able to see execution times when uploading bots.
I will test my bot on my dinosaur when it is finished. But I want to see how deep i can push my scoring AI.

Since the map is 33 tiles, I want get as close to 33 levels deep as possible.

Talk again later, This year’s challenge is quite fun…

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I like how much health each worm has. That seems to result in nice long machine gun battles when two opposing worms meet. :slight_smile:


Although we cannot confirm the exact numbers yet, each bot will be guaranteed a set amount of CPUs and RAM. This means that you can store anything you want within your own limits. As for the other bot doing something to interfere with your resources, each bot will run in its own container instance and thus won’t have access to the opponent bot.

We will look into giving you the information that we can about the reference match. Giving the round times seems like a good idea and we will keep that in mind when setting up the logs for the reference matches.