A thought for tournament playoffs

I know the game engine uses random placing when selecting a map, when the playoffs happen, does this mean a random map is used for each and every single match, some random maps seem to put a racer at a disadvantage while some just generate easy maps. Should the maps be the same, this would mean all the bots are racing on exactly the same track with the bot been the actual decider rather than luck of getting a decent map. Some of my best rounds vs some of my worse rounds rounds are around 35 rounds in difference to actually cross the finish line. A way to do this is to generate a map prior to the races and use that map on all the races.

For the playoffs, can I suggest a generic map used for all the races with 2 matches each from both the start positions?

Not sure if this is the way the finals work but something to consider?

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Well, what happens if they do that, and the map you get, is terrible for your bot?

IMO, a large part of the challenge is exactly that: build/generate/train/evolve/wish-into-existence a piece of software that performs as good as possible, given any input (within the constraints of the domain obviously)

I’m hoping it would then be terrible for other bots as well :smiley: I’ve managed to increase my worse run vs my run to 39 rounds at least, 39 rounds is a significant difference in number of rounds.

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