Agent Worm ID

Will the Agent worm always be at position 3 or is this random when playing?

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Hi @styphoiz

Under the current config, the Agent worm should end up with an id 3, but please don’t bargain on it.

The only reason it has been so, is because the the engine creates 2 commando worms for the player, and then 1 agent worm onto that list, assigning id numbers sequentially.

If this changes for any reason, then the Agent worm won’t have an id 3. Instead, use the profession property as an enum. That string is guaranteed to be either “Agent” or “Commando”


Would I be able to check enemy worm’s profession?

Hi @styphoiz

Please have look at Here you will find the link to the game-rules. If you scroll down a bit you will find Worm Profession describing this.

You can assume that the state file created by the latest release running on your local machine, will be similar to what your bot needs to work with in the tournament. Whatever is visible in that file, will be available in the upcoming tournament.

If changes occur, we will definitely announce such changes to state files well in advance of any tournaments since this would potentially break some bots.


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