An apology and some plans for 2019

Hey guys,

Not sure how many will see this post before the 2019 forum launches,

Anyways, I said that I was going to do some tutorials based on the 2018 bot, but I simply could not get around to this. So my plans for 2019 is as follows, Back tracking is difficult. So I am going to be documenting a lot of my 2019 Entelect Challenge bot.

My plans is to help others get started on their bots. Without going too deep at first. This would however depend on the challenge and what is allowed by Entelect.

I started expanding my personal brand on and will be covering some of the Entelect challenge on there. With some luck with Battleship I managed to make it into the challenge’s top 8 for 3 years in a row. So I am going to work extremely hard to not lose the streak.

With all that said, It is February and I am really amped to have another swing at building a decent bot.

Hoping for a decent turnout this year. Last year was extremely hard. The contestants really brought it.

Just thought I would post here. Since its almost that time again.

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I can’t remember if it was you that posted about building a bot to look at all possible moves before playing a move in the previous challenge.
Could you give more insight into this strategy and a tutorial as to how you went about coding this.
My bot didn’t do that well however my approach to the matching was quite random and as such could’ve been much much better, hoping to make a difference in my strategy this year.

I am considering open sourcing my entries for the last 3 years.

My Tower Defence checked every possible move for the whole board simulated for 100 rounds.
My Bomberman entry simulated every possible move for 8 rounds deep.

The “simulation” that you can use to score every move and choose the best at the end is important, so when we get to it I will definitely spend some time on that. Just cannot say whether this will be before or after finals. But I will definitely drop some content once the finals are finished this year. I started documenting a lot of what I do. Compared to finishing things and generating content in retrospect. It really helps me get a lot more done.

My existing bots were kind of a mess. Because Its all about doing well, I never really cared about neatness or practicality. I have gradually improved but in the end most people will run screaming if they see my code.
Its like dead pool, It works, but hardly a pleasure to look at