Angular website visualizer (PWA)

Good morning gentlemen!
Hope everyone is keeping safe in these times.

I would like to point everyone to a Visualizer that I build, that is deployed and running.
This is a self contained Web APP, and no files are send to any endpoint. All within the browser.

Here is the link:

Hope you enjoy it!


That sounds great.
Just how secure the log files gonna be?
If it leaks the algorithm can be reverse engineered easily.

You can take a look at the network traffic, to confirm that nothing is being send anywhere.
What I will do is, create an electron app, that wraps the application.

Ill also put the source code up on github so that anyone can have a look at the source.

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For anyone that wants to look at the source code.
You can do so by going to:

I will be sending a link to an Electron Compiled version as well, soon.

After failing to generate a compiled version smaller than 100mb with Electron…
I decided to rather go with using Dotnet Core.

So for anyone looking to run their own version of the site inside their own container application, you can do so by downloading the following ZIP and running the EntelectReplay.exe. (±1Mb File) # Windows only, if anyone requires a linux/macOS version, let me know.

Here is the link:

PS: If it doesn’t run, you might need to install the “dotnet core runtime”.

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A screenshot for those that are interested.

Been using this for debugging. Works like a charm!

Thanks raezor. 1000 man-points for you.


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Thanks man! My pleasure, let me know is you find any bugs. Or have any recommendations . :sunglasses:

Thanks @raezor, it works perfectly on my local.

Great to hear!
I will keep updating the re-player. I see that support for IE is not there, as well as the Old Edge… So will just put a note up about it.
Currently Tested and working:
Chrome, Edge (new), Brave. I believe Firefox will work as well, just did not test.

I also have some ideas for some features, that I’ll be adding soon. Will keep everyone posted.

It works in Opera perfectly too

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Hey, How are you calculating your score?

Ive been in the runner source and just cannot seem to find the scoring functions.

Know theres still an open ticket:

Edit: Found the details in the csv files, Very handy :smiley:

For my re-player, I made use of the ‘endGameState.txt’ file that’s located in the last rounds folder, and displayed that :slight_smile:

For anyone intrested. I have updated the Replayer.
Just do a Hard Refresh on the Page to load the new changes if you have the page Cached.

For the people that want to use the new version, here are the links:
Client Version:
Source Code:

Looking forward to the first Tournament!



Hi @raezor,
Great debugging tool, and also the best way to show my boys what I was busy with while they were watching netflix.
I submitted a bot but wasn’t able to replay the logs, kept jumping to random rounds instead of sequentially.

Ahh yes, I know why…
Its because the match log file that’s downloaded from the Portal, has a folder inside.
Downloaded File =
Inside this ZIP file there will be a folder something like = 2020.
What you need to do is just ZIP the 2020. folder, and then load this new zip file into the replayer!
This will solve the weird, Rounds jumping around issue. :smiley:

Hope this helps!

And thanks for the nice message, glad the replayer could be of help. :sunglasses:

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Like a BOSS, thanks a mil!
Best of luck with the competition, see you on the start line!

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Great news Everyone!

I have made a Few Improvements to the re-player!
These are the following I have improved, among other small changes.

  • Updated uploader to allow to load tournament zips
  • Some small changes to look and feel (sizing and other cosmetics)
  • Added ability to see what block a player is on as well.
  • Improved next move highlight block
  • Fixed issues with the slider, where other rounds blocks was showing when quickly moving the slider…

Please do a hard refresh on your page, or re-download the Binaries, to ensure you have the latest improvements!

The Biggest Improvement is the ability to just load any ZIP file that has a match contained.
Let me know if there are any issues that you pickup!

For the people looking for the links find them here:


Im always amazed by the visualizers the community comes up with, this one is really awesome. Bravo! :clap:


Thank you! I appreciate the comment :slight_smile: