I noticed this when I assessed my Match logs.

Full on patience from my side. I have a few bugs to solve and faults to analize as things are. Think you will finish long before me.

I dont mind losing, But I at least want to be in the same league as the number 1 and as things stand,
Mallin Moolman really outdid himself. The rest of the leaderboard is not even close.

I have rebuilt the leaderboard, it should display all the matches correctly again :slight_smile:



Seems like my matches were ran as the reference bot and not the actual bot I uploaded

Hi @jiro90

It looks like something got confused when we tried fixing the extraction issues on your submission. We are aware of it and will rerun your matches with the correct submission.

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There seems to be a major bug in the leaderboard at the moment, please bare with us while we fix the issue.


Is it done now?
Can I make peace with my performance (where I brought an oil can to an RPG fight?).

We are currently verifying the tournament results.


Phase 3 was just launched! Please go and check out this post for more details.

Locked - please use the new phase 3 announcements topic :slight_smile: