Hello @marvijo that is correct. The 4 76 was just to illustrate how the command is used. So USE_TWEET 3 750 would place a cyber truck at lane 3 block number 750.

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Random question:
For the coming tournament, will we still run mirrored seeds?

I have some seeds that has extreme advantage to one side and I’m not sure after the last tournament if this was implemented.

Running a seed with player A and B and then swapping them as mentioned here:

This would really be the most fair approach. I have some seeds where my lead bot wins by 300 tiles and there’s absolutely nothing I can analyze that would change the outcome for the back. Even using Trucks in the best way possible (Though this is debatable, They are fairly handy)

Even playing a weaker bot. Some seeds are just lost and interference is fairly pointless.

So wondering if we are still playing Dual matches

Hello @WillieTheron yes the plan for the 2nd tournament is to still run the 2 matches for proven fairness :slight_smile:

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Awesome, Cause Im having psycological warfare here.

Theres not many cases, But this will help a lot… Must just make sure my car does not break on its way to the track away… Meh…

Hello everyone, we have a new release of the starter pack.
You can download it here

  • The need for this release was due to a bug regarding cybertrucks which gave player 1 a huge disadvantage. We felt this bug had a big enough impact on fairness to warrant the change even though we are in the code freeze.

  • It has also been noted the wall generation chance is actually 1% even though it is stated at 5%. We did not update this to respect the code freeze but this will be fixed after the 2nd tournament.

All the best for the 2nd tournament :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped with pull requests and reported issues!


Hi Entelect Team (cc @floreggian_entelect) , what time is the second tournament starting?


Looks like it’s started!


looks like a lot more entries this time around!

@Malman: DUDE your bot absolutely nailed it!

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Go @Malman I’m cheering you on for a 100% win rate!


Haha, thanks guys, holding thumbs!

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@Malman - you are a mad lad.
Congratulations on that mind bending 100% winrate - when everything is done, I would beseech you to share some info on HOW???

Considering I could not dedicate the time necessary to actually implement cyber truck usage, I will take my current placing with a smile. For now.
Hoping the next game release is not too hectic change-wise, so that I can catch up… and just maybe, by some miracles, break into the top 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys, looks like the tournament is stuck?

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You mean it’s not done yet??

nope, looks like nobody’s played all their 128 games yet. Unless I’m missing something…

Aw man, you are correct @japes - I had just assumed that after two days it’s done…

Damn, so my position might get even worse :frowning:
Well, is possible that the breadboard is just not updating - first round did have some technical difficulties.
Guess we will have to wait and see.

@Japes is correct - there is still some matches outstanding. We are aware of it.


Was a new tournament started?? Is the first one voided?

looks to me like just the outstanding ones are being played (which would be awesome)

We are only running the matches that didn’t run properly the first time. This is going to take some time, so please be patient with us.