Any chance to keep submissions open today still? Just wondering

Hey Guys,

Had a pretty hectic cramming session yesterday,

Some previous years we had a short submission extension to help with errors, some more time and maybe final tweaks,

I am wondering, Would that be possible this year? asking for a friend.

Anyways, I am ready, I hope, and a few more hours will probably not do much, software developers and deadlines…

Anyways, if the verification matches are not running, Then it would be cool if we could still have some time for final tweaks and bug fixing, if not, Rules are rules. Just know it helped in some of the previous challenges.

I don’t think it would be possible as the tournament has commenced

Ignore this, Matches have started, Sweet. Goodluck all,

I do not expect to keep my place, I have a feeling I have a bad arm (Snowball).

Everything else is perfect. Hope that I do not lose to someone because of a snowball…

But that is life. Good luck all.

Edit 1: I did not nearly get to test all the possibilities for this one. Not at all.

Will be interesting to read how the top rated players approached the snowballs. I tested various strategies and could not find something far superior. Initially I had some success with trying to keep the snowman alive till the end - where it is 1 vs 1, and then use the snowball freeze to make the final kill. The snowball came in handy in my strategy to get both health packs - the snowballs will freeze any opponent also going for it. In the version I submitted for the tournament I had very little use for freezing.

I used mine if 2 enemies were close together to try and freeze them in the approaching lava zone then attacked one, similar with my banana bomb.
Mine was more of a kill bot as opposed to score.

I also tried to save snowballs for the end. I used banana bombs to try and gain points, but saved one for doing some damage as well.

The challenge was interesting this year. I actually found it much harder than any of the previous ones that I’ve done.

I think the superior Snowball strategy was to save the snowballs as long as you could. So basically till your snowman will die, The less worms you have the stronger snowball gets.

Or eventually if that does not happen, so Round 300, use it for points.

Then you only use it when your opponent is in shooting range and as much as possible. But I spent so much time on Lava and sacrifice / anti Sacrifice, That I never finalized Snowballs.

So I feel that the way a Player handles the snowball will determine if they beat me or not.

But there’s two things that might influence the Snowball a bit. Really hope this is the case for top 8,

I feel that Aggro bots will try to kill the Tactician first, its a problematic worm.
I also feel that Score worms might use the Snowball Defensively.

So for the best part. I hope Snowballs does not stuff me up. Need a time Machine.