Any News on the next Event?

Hi Guys,

Was wondering how the preparations for the next game mode is going?

Its been a few days since the last event. So I thought I would dig a little.
Looking forward to the second Event,

Very keen to hit this again

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Hi WillieTheron,
The team has had our big brainstorm session on all the fun things we would like to include in the next section and our engineers are hard at work adding them. We will update you as soon as they are ready.


Hi I just want to know the time frames for the next 2 tournaments, because Comic Con is on 22 September, that leaves less than 4 months to release changes/bug fixes, run tournaments, release more changes/bug fixes for final tournament, and give enough time for the competitors to implement changes

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I will be making a post very soon about the next stage of the tournament.

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Hey there,

Just touching base, Crazy year…

How are things looking?

Im tempted to say that we should consider finalizing the rules towards this coming event.
Maybe leave the final event for patching and balancing.

Its 21-06-2022 and Comiccon is 22-09-2022

For practical purposes its wise to force the final event 1 month before Comic Con.
If you get a early golden ticket or live in Johannesburg / pretoria, theres nothing to it.

Any other scenario and things can get tricky. (I fortunately have a school friend who has a exhibit every year)
So that helps me a lot.

These are just random thoughts. Mainly affects others, (My own arrangements are already set, Golden Ticket priviledge…)

So essentially saying we have 2 months left, it might be a bit tight for 2 rule sets.
Especially considering if you drop another rule set now, we will probably need 1 - 2 weeks to adjust to it,

Part of me feels that could be a good approach to have minimal changes for the final event. Unless this is streamlined.

Just feel we need to keep the timeline in careful consideration.