Are both players processed as Player A?

My bot behaves strangely as Player B, Could just be a bug in my code. So just want to make sure that the engine will always parse me as player A…

Your bot will always receive a state.json file that puts your bot as Player A on the left of the map. If you set yourself up as "player-b": "./directory-path-to-bot" in the starter-pack, your bot will still see itself as player A, on the left.

The game-engine will keep track of which side your bot were actually on…if you are set as player-b it will reverse the map for you so it looks like you are on the left, and it will also reverse the position of your command so that in the end it matches up to the player B side of the map

I see, Thank you. I noticed that my bot had a number of bots… But i will resolve the issues.

Thank you. It helps to be certain.

When i use the starter pack to play my bot against itself Player A always wins. Player B also tries to make moves it does not have the energy to make etc. I never have this issue on player A. This seems to imply that something is wrong with the gameRunner and that it is reporting incorrect information to my player B bot… Unless I’ve missed something and I have to compensate for being player B in some manner ?

The same thing happens when i upload my source code.

This is kind of annoying because it means i cannot test my bot against different versions of itself. I’m planning to study the game runner code to look for bugs but it’s not really where I would like to spend my time…

It also worries me that if in the next tournament my bot is placed in position B it will always lose.

Are you making a seperate copy of your bot to play against, or are you playing the same folder against itself?

If it is the same folder, then they are overwriting each others command.txt, and also reading the wrong state.json file. The game-runner needs two independent bots to play.

Hi thank you very much this resolved my issue :grinning:

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