Balancing suggestion / thoughts

Hey All,

I was just reading through the rules and thought that this year could easily turn into a
“The person who gets to a path first immediately wins control of it”

So my thoughts are that it would be wise to add a way for those behind to catch up.

My thoughts on something that would be super cool is to add what I call “boost”.
Boost should recharge slowly over time and have a cap. Boost can double the speed of a character for a fixed number of tics

Players can choose how they want to use Boost. They can use it both Offensively and defensively.

I think something like that could be pretty cool to play around with. (Since we are not making much changes later this year and are still in balancing phase)

Boost could also allow players to actually use Steal.
I have not run much testing but it could be good to have something that makes things like stealing easier.
**Or that can allow you to overtake another player.

I thought a bit about adding some sort of penalty to a player depending on how many collectables they have.
And I reasoned that you could maybe add a slight advantage to the speed at which boost regenerates depending on the player rankings.

**So the fourth player’s boost lasts longer or regenerates faster than the first’s

Just some thoughts.
I have to also admit I have not looked at the engine or the game itself. Just the rules.

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Thanks for the feedback @WillieTheron :sunny: hopefully the new updates are too your liking. We will be fine tuning the appsettings to try and and make the game as challenging as possible.

Please let us know what you think about the stealing action :slight_smile: We were considering adding a boost but eventually decided against it since we would potentially have to deal with velocity. Which would have added other complications. Also we have had actions associated with speed in previous games so we wanted this game to have a somewhat unique feature.

We think that by adding the handicap of players being unable to steal from opponents with less collectables then themselves add some more verity in strategy!

I will need to build before i know.

Just a bit paranoid that if speed is constant that stealing is useless.

But Im again assuming all bots are coded equally efficient at movement.
Always assume the perfect opponent

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