Balancing suggestions/thoughts for Round 2

Now that the first round has been completed (thanks EC team!), I thought maybe we could share some balancing suggestions here (if you guys are open to that?). One thing that I’ve noticed (and what I saw was mentioned elsewhere here on the forum as well) was that it’s very easy to go from basically owning the entire map → nothing if you get pruned. This can be mitigated with appropriate risk management, however with the current hero window size risk management strategies need to be very conservative. I think slightly increasing the hero window (maybe from 8 → 10) opens up a whole new class of risk management/attack/defense strategies that will ultimately make the game more interesting (and less up to chance).

@lijani_vwdv / @Jenique / @deefstes keen to hear your thoughts on this


Hi @kobus-v-schoor , this is a good idea and was in discussion for follow up tournaments , perhaps even more than 10 could be good.

My take:
careful not to go too large, you essentially make it so that pruning becomes meaningless.

For the view window:
8: Does seem cluttered, but still interesting. Id love to lose that initial trail tile though…
10: Seems alright, Probably better.
12: More vision makes pruning harder. At some stage you render pruning useless.
And also that size makes it almost too easy to just take enemy territories.

In my opinion the math between 8, 10, 12, 14,
It pretty much looks the same,
Only difference is the optimum ranges get bigger.
And if those ranges are too big, then just like a too small window would “open up a whole new class of risk management/attack/defense strategies that will ultimately make the game more interesting”

Too large could make attacking and pruning meaningless. Flattening strategy.

Example, Assume all players could see the full map.
You can constantly calculate distance to all enemies, And just maximize your grab.
Full window = No pruning at all…

I think the risk management aspect of this challenge is very nice and part of the problem we have this year.

How will you balance your risk / reward, How will you handle it,
How will you try and prune enemies,
And how will you avoid getting pruned yourself.

If the view window gets too large. This part of the challenge could fall flat.
But looking forward to see what the balancing does, Regardless.