Basic Visualiser

Good Morning,

As I mentioned I added a basic visualiser here:

Please note that it still needs some work that I will push as my own needs change.
Like: Clearly displaying Territory
Better handling of larger numbers.

As a crutch till the official visualiser is out it should help you monitor the numbers.
Being HTML its fairly simple to edit as well.

Remember to check the readme as I could not run this with Cors active. There could be a different approach but as I am running this locally the security isnt a factor.

Current state example:


Thanx, it helps to visualize the game and easier to spot weird behaviors, and after adding a quick auto play it works quite well.

Thanks for this, @WillieTheron .

I found I had to add the --disable-gpu and --user-data-dir=~/chromeTemp to get around CORS on my machine :man_shrugging:

One of my friends made some enhancements to this you can now choose any file no need for special flags

Great, Some upgrades would definately help a bit,

I have not relooked at my own bot, Was really focussing on my own bot for now.
This weekend went well at least. Im close to having something for event 1.

Hi, Seuntj1e did create a pull request on your github for the visualizer if you want to merge the changes

No problems, Great, I think I merged it correctly.

If theres issues, let me know.
And thanks, pretty much all features i would still wanted to add is in here.

If theres changes I will let you know.

Does this visualizer still work with 1.5 changes? Or would we need a new/updated one? :upside_down_face:

It works well, You just need to toggle a setting inside the logger appsettings

“CondencedLoggingToggle”: “false”

It was giving me what I needed. So should work for others as well.


Thanks for sharing this. It’s exceptionally useful.

just note when playing 4v4 the logs can become a bit too big for javascript to manage and it gives errors

Out of curiosity, what size is your match log file for a 4v4.

My end the size is around 560MB,

In Chrome I am unable to run a 4v4 replay, but my firefox manages it just fine.
I already submitted my final version but wanted to see what a 4v4 looks like regardless.
Things can get pretty rough by the looks of things.

mine is 581 MB,

I would suggest trying a 4v4 as it brings other dynamics to the game in terms of resource scarcity, so if your bot is amazing solo it can be bad at 4v4

I completed my 4v4 implementation earlier today,

I did need to make a small tweak,

And then i found a major bug in the engine that I just reported, So Im glad I came here.
**I actually already completed my entry, but managed a 15% improvement for my 4v4 matches.

I’m really ready for this event.