Battle events dates

I see all qualifying battles fall on Fridays. did I get that right? Will they be run on a player portal or will the contestants be invited in?

I just want to add to that: there is a “Call To Arms” event before each battle…anyone care to explain how those will work?

Hi rm2k,

That is correct. Bot submissions will “close” at midnight on Friday. The most recent bot submitted before that deadline will be used for the battle. All the battles for this year will be on the player portal. If events are going to be held we will send out communications to the contestants but for now it will be online only.

@BoerBedonnered the call to arms events will be hackathon styled events where contestants will have the opportunity to come to us and get assistance with getting their bots up and running as well as socialize a bit with the other contestants. We will be sending out a communication about the first event in the next day or two.

How does the player portal work?

Hi x0lani,

The player portal is not yet open, we will be launching it soon then you will be upload your bots to run test matches on the tournament server.

Hey guys, My bot’s first version is complete and I am rather happy, so just waiting for the player portal.

Just wondering, since you mentioned that all events will be online (Apart from maybe playoffs and the finals at rAge). Does that mean I will automatically be entered into events if I keep my bot updated on the portal? Having no need to attend the hackathons (It pains me to say its too far).

Will we also be able to battle other players? and will there be a limit to the amount of challenges we can send and accept?

I also assume if someone gets a golden ticket they will be “Exempt” from future events before rAge.

Looking forward to what is coming.

If the competition is double elimination at the finals, Will those with Golden Tickets get 2 lives? Or will the finals be more of a round robin?

I do apologize for the questions. Battleship is easy as a algorithm but a mess up psychologically, When considering to be a step ahead of your opponents. Those, Play the man, not the AI moments.

Regardless, Having fun wit the challenge.

Hi Willie,

If you keep your bot up to date on the player portal you will automatically be entered into the events yes, there is no requirement for you to attend.

Battling of other players will happen as part of clans, but that might only launch after the first battle as we are still trying to find to time to implement it on the player portal. Keep an eye out for more details on this.

If you get a golden ticket you are in the finals, you will still battle in the other events, but you can’t win a golden ticket again if you win those. With the game engine upgrading with new features after every battle it might be a good idea to see how your bot fairs at the events with the new changes.

The finals will be round robin to identify rankings. After that it will be double elimination to determine the final 8.

Remember, after this first battle the game would not really be classical board game battleship anymore and will transform into something different, so the algorithms might be easy now, but it will get harder as the competition progresses so keep your bot updated for future battles.

Good luck!


Hi Wackymax,

To qualify for finals, do you have to have participated in all three preliminary battles, as well as having won a golden ticket in one of them?

Or, can you get into the finals if you only participate in one of the preliminary battles, and win a golden ticket in that one?

Hi Rohin,

You have to win a golden ticket in one of the preliminary battles to get entered into the finals. So you only have to participate in one of the battles.