Battle of Nam Quan

I’m just curious about the format for the final battle - will it be a play-off event similar to what we had in the previous years, or will it also be an online event?

Hi rfnel,

Unfortunately we won’t have a play off event this year.

Nam Quan will be an online round robin, after which the results will be used as a ranking indicator for the players in the double elimination. The double elim won’t be live like the round robin matches however as there is a lot of manual scheduling involved etc. so only the results will be posted up to the last two brackets.

The last two brackets (8 players) of the double elimination will only be made public at rAge, the only IRL event for the tournament this year.

Thanks Wackymax. Does that mean that we won’t know who the eight finalists are prior to rAge?

Hi rfnel,

You will know who the 8 finalist are. They will also be invited to attend the rAge event.

Hey guys,

Its finally that time. When the last event finished, I thought, Sure, I will do the shield update and wait it out, be bored. Then things got busy, only managed to do my updates for the final event today. Saw so much improvements to my bot as well. Im very glad about that. But I almost did not make the final updates.

This challenge turned out to be much harder than it seemed in the beginning, it was a very great competition. I say this every year, but I hope that next year brings another one. The competition is tight at the top. I am hoping to get a slot this year.

My question, Will the Round Robin exclude the two players with golden tickets? And will the double elimination tournament then run in a way where among the 6 players who pass into the finals be 2 bots with 2 lives and 4 bots with 1 life. Or might this ratio change a little bit?

I am simply curious as this event is this weekend.


It has indeed been quite a challenge this year. I liked the battles this year. It gave you chance to assess your strategy and make adjustments. I’m also just hoping to make top 8 this year. Would be awesome.

Hi Guys,

The tournament has finished and we are in the process of verifying the matches. As soon as the verification has been complete we will announce the final 8.

We’re waiting with bated breath…

While we wait, wha do you gues think of Code rally?

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For those of you watching the forums, and also having the email by entelect auto-sorted by gmail… There has been an email sent out that announces the top 8. Congrats to all.