Battle of Tortuga total matches

Hi, I just want to know out of curiosity how are the amount of rounds each player has to play calculated?
i see there are 89 players in the rankings but only 4005 rounds in total to be played.
4005/89 = 45, so that means each player will only play 45 matches?

Also curious about this… And as it stands, some people have only played 16 rounds while others are on 25. So it seems some bots are being prioritized in some way.

As far as i know the games are calculated beforehand into a queue randomly, so any match can be played at any time, so at this stage we cant even say that the top 2 players have played against the same people, but I’m still wondering where the 3000 matches went to that needs to make up the round robin.

Port Royal had 74 bots with an total of 2701 matches indicated. Each bot seems to have played a total of 73 matches in the logs, i.e. a battle against everyone except themselves… if you add this up you get to 5402 matches and not 2701. Perhaps the total being shown is just calculated incorrectly? It makes sense that everyone plays everyone else in these stages.

I think the number of matches is correct. Remember that we’re looking at the unique combinations, ie the match “Player1 vs Player2” is the same as “Player2 vs Player1”.

The way to verify is to do this:

(TotalPlayers x TotalPlayers) - TotalPlayers) / 2

EDIT: Also subtract the fact that a player cannot play against himself

Hi All,

For every player to play every other player you would basically use the following formula (n x (n - 1))/2). Because the tournament was registered with 90 players (one has been removed from the ranking due to the person being an Entelect employee) there will be 4005 matches. So for the missing matches it is not as easy as 89*89 to get the total number of rounds because we have to look at unique sets of players, this brings down the total quite a bit.

The games are queued beforehand randomly. We tried to get this to be as fair and interesting as possible to try and ensure that everyone gets to play a match in every set of 90 games but it does not always turn out that way and matches can sometimes be grabbed out of order.