Battle of Tortuga

Hey guys, Know that the next battle is near,

I was wondering. Would it be difficult to add simple stats to our matches, For example:
Average Rounds played for lost matches, and Average rounds played for won matches.

I believe this would help analyze our bots better, This is not too severe. It would allow us to see how close our wins and losses were and allow us to change strategy for the final battle if needed.

It would be nice to get stats out of it. In fact, if the output files for the entire tournament are stored somewhere, Entelect could probably extract some useful stats just by running a few grep commands on the tournament files.

Hi Willie,

We do capture all of the information for each match, so it is easily accessible. Getting the time to work that into the Website so that you can access it is proving to be difficult however.

I will see if we can do something to make it visible to you all before the final battle.

This is cool, The only important thing is that ship placements aren’t available to the public. Other wise players can easily build a bot to specifically counter the good ones (Or mimic placements) which is not cool. I found this true for the replay files for test and battle matches where ship placements are given from round 1. Ship placement is an important part of the strategy.

Wouldnt want the ship placements of any events open source :wink:

Hi Willie,

We won’t be releasing any replay files etc for tournaments. I don’t think we will be able to get it into the website. What I can and probably will do is just export the stats to an excel spreadsheet and put that in the Github repo for all to access.