Benchmark to test against

What’s your highest number of rounds and seed linked to it?
Would love to test against those rounds as a basis for performance testing if you willing to share your worst number of rounds.

Lol answers would be double edged swords; discourage others from entering and give others too much confidence

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Nice try!
It would have been wonderful to have some data to judge how good our bots are! Will have to wait for Round 1 of the competition to see if your AI is on par… or not.

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My highest number of rounds is somewhere in the 200 range :tractor:

Hope it helps, but in all seriousness, there is such a thing as the perfect seed, and you could hit 101 rounds on it.
For me its about average rounds. We also have this RNG thing to get around.

My fast seed could be slow for you, but on your fastest seed I could struggle. Because we have these choices to make based on data we simply do not have.

The best bet you have is to wait for the first event to see how you are fairing. And even then there’s a chance that you could outrank “better” bots and lose to “Weaker” ones. but you should have a fairly good idea.

I would also not be able to give you my best round here. Because I have not touched any of the powerups. Still trying to figure out what to do about this RNG…

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