Best of Luck to everyone for 2018 Zero Hour

Hi everyone,

I just finished submitting my bot , and best of luck to everyone else!

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I just did the same. Too tired to work on it any further. Good luck everyone. May the sparkiest bot win.

Same here. Good luck everyone!:slight_smile:

Good luck folks! This was fun.

I just did my final submission. Good luck everyone, it’s been great fun!

Who’s keeping an eye on the leaderboard?

It’s far too early too call, but looking interesting so far.

Lol, checking it like every 30 minutes. It’s brutal having to wait so long. :joy:.

Maybe an idea for next year would be to while it’s running show the ranking ordered by a number of games played to wins ratio or something to be more accurate. Now you get all excited when you see your ranking and then you realise oh there’s like 8 guys who have less losses than me but have also played loads less games so far, so you end up with your rank jumping up and down depending on how many games everyone has played.

Also would be very interesting to see who you played against so far and the result. There’s no way to know if you have your hard matches behind you or if they’re all still ahead. I think it would add to the suspense.

Completely Agreed,

Since you do not know who you played it makes things uncertain till the very end.

My bot for example, I had 2 losses around round 14. Which had me really really worried. Because numbers says I should have like 13 losses at the end at the rate I was going, then I got a third loss in my 20’s and your like, yeah, thats the pattern. Then you go fast forward and I win the next 30 matches. But what if those were all easy and the real hard ones are still coming…

Now on a very nice win loss ratio I have no idea how I will fair. Hopeful for top 8, But there’s still so much that can happen. If I could see who I played I will be able to see what the end results will be fairly accurately, But perhaps that will take some of the fun out of it.

Also feel there might be a situation where some players might actually beat each other depending on their initial bot choices. Like my bot winning and losing against itself… So a loss now might not necessarily mean a loss in the finals… As some match ups might be your weakness.

I think 2 things would be really nice for next year regarding the leaderboard.

  1. More even distribution of games played across the board. Why are some players playing more than twice what other players are playing? The rates are so wild, it would be nice if they were even from the start.

  2. it would be great if you could click on a player and see a more detailed display of who he’s playing and won/lost to.

Hi all,

Considering that the leaderboard is updated live, there is a way to see the results of specific games: poll the leaderboard and print out the differences.

I actually wrote a program to do this for last year’s challenge, and I ran it again on this year’s leaderboard.

Here’s the output, which should be updating live (though you’ll have to refresh to see it):

I hope my sharing this doesn’t make Entelect lock the leaderboard down in future years - it is quite fun watching the results come in live. It (and proper ordering of the matches) is something I’d like to see on the official leaderboard in the future (or the community could come up with a web-based one using this method).

I make no guarantees about the accuracy or anything. Also I only started it running when I got up yesterday morning, so it doesn’t have the games before that.

The format is {Win|Loss}: {name} (#{rank} {wins}/{losses} [#{true_rank} {win_ratio}])

Win ratio is wins / (wins + losses), true rank is the player’s rank when ordered by win ratio. The format is different for the first few matches.

I didn’t end up being able to spend really any time on my bot this year, but I finally had a chance this last week to make something a bit better than just “beat the reference bot” so though I have no chance at the finals, hopefully I’ll make a respectable position. I hope that after the tournament, we have a thread where the top players share their strategies, like last year, as I’d be interested to know what was required to get to the top.



wow clever :slight_smile: thanks for sharing.

Wow, can you keep updating us on this… oh I see it keeps auto updating… nice!

That’s really cool!

I am more than willing to share my strategy i have followed and learned about programming in this event, also I don’t think i am am going to the finals with the losses i have ranked up so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah this is awesome dude thanks!

Got 15th with my Round2 bot, didn’t have time to update mine. :frowning: or more correctly I was messing with too many other stuff this month.

I had fun though, was tricky to get my MCTS to work in a simultaneous move game, I had a few more ideas, but not the skill set to implement them, maybe I start learning them for next year