Big News!

We are excited to announce that the Entelect Challenge team will be hosting a Google Hashcode hub this year - which would be the first hubs in South Africa!

Snacks, drinks, and pizza will be provided for all participants joining our hub. Our hub is open to any participants who are able to get to our CPT or JHB office, we’ll take care of the rest :wink:

Please visit our Facebook event page for any event-specific details and for answers to any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at Google HashCode 2023! :sunglasses:

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Sounds Great,

I am also as always looking forward immensely to this year’s challenge again.

And I do believe last year, when I was rewriting most my bot in the last week or so.
That some of my limitations moved immensely.

I learn a lot every year. But felt my AI was at a bit of a Plato for a while. Likely just a lack of practice.
Anyways, Im looking forward to this year again.
Continuously enhancing a codebase in a competitive sense is the best way to code.

Also the best way to learn if you ask me.

Because there’s a clear measure and objective. And at the end of the day your code gets graded. Somewhat brutally at that.

I will do a Intro video this year. My fiance might finally participate. But I value fairness.
So anything I want to show / tell her about the challenge, Id put in a public video.

The topic would also be how to approach the challenge. Or rather how I approach it in the beginning.
And how I approach the data itself.

But very little on strategy. As I hate spoilers.

Looking forward to another year.
If I could say I have a goal its this…

I want my bot finished at least 2 weeks before any deadline.
Still doing tweaks and refinements the night of the deadline is a terrible habit.

Im super amped to see what the team brings.
Really starting to get my bot withdrawals.

But not writing AI outside of Entelect does help me. Cause I do build this anticipation.