Boost Bug -> Adjacent tiles mud getting ignored


I just had a case where I held a boost even when I crossed mud.

The exact replication was
Round 13:

Round 14:

You will also notice the boost count is still ticking down, so I did not “reuse” boost in that instance.

In that instance, changing lane should have hit mud which should have broken my boost.
There is a chance that the tiles right next to a car gets ignored.

It is possible that the same fix that made a player car ignore the tiles below them are also ignoring the tiles next to the car for turning.

*Edit 1: The same happened when I tried to pick up a boost next to me (no boost pickup triggered.)

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Issue already here, it has to do with left/right turns missing the mud on the first block it lands on.

Hey, Cool, Could not see it in the forum, Should probably keep watch on Git Hub issues as well to not double report. Never really used it myself though.

Just to let you know, I have added a “Toggle Labels” button to the re-player. Just refresh the player, and you should be able to make use of the feature to hide, Track Information for future screen shots :slight_smile:

It also appears in accelerate command:

Current speed is 9 and command is accelerate, and mud has no impact

@Ehsan The new speed should be 8 and X position as in your screenshot (111)

Cool thanks, So mud impacts to the next round right?

From my observations accelerate happens “at start of a phase”.

So you first accelerate and then hit mud (Which decelerates. ) From your example your new speed will be 8. Even if you use Accelerate.

As for your comment on mud having no affect. Deceleration resolves at the end of a phase. So to put it in perspective, If you have a speed of 9 going into a round, and you hit 3 Muds, you will still move 9 tiles, after the round will your speed decrease to 3.

I believe this is where your misunderstanding comes in. You hit mud but still travel 9 squares, this is how things are intended (for now)

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I also made the same observation as @WillieTheron
The effects of a tile will only be applied for the next round.
For example, using a Boost while there are 5 MUD in front of your Player, you will find that you still move 15 Places ahead, and only on the next round will your speed be penalized on the 5 mud that you hit.

Due to the nature of the game and the setup (Round Based) I can understand why they went with this current implementation. However this could possibly change in the future, personally I hope not, as there would be a lot to consider, as MUD & OIL would affect your choice, where as a Boost would have little to almost no value in this instance.

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Hello @raezor @WillieTheron @Ehsan @marvijo @styphoiz the behviour of the engine is such that all penalties and effects are applied at the end of the round as @raezor has mentioned. There are no plans to change this as it is a fundemental part of how the game works. Hope this helps.


Noted @KyleMc, any idea when this is been fixed though

Hey @styphoiz

Kyle did comment on this thread fairly Recently:

Thanks, missed that.