Boost bug not reported: A bit late, only saw this now

Hey, I just had multiple cases where my boost incorrectly resolved.

According to rules collisions only apply when the end tiles are identical.

So I had the following instance:

Blue used Boost (had 2 to use) (Should be +15 on x)
Red did nothing (already traveling 9)

So in this case according to my own stats, Blue should have taken the lead, Instead I was faced with the following:

Strangely enough my speed remained at “15” while my reference remained at 9, But I was still “stuck” behind him for 3 rounds. Even though I held 15 speed the whole time.

Is this intended? I do like the concept, its just not clear from the rules.
It seems Ignoring boost I have passed “Through” cars before (At least I think I have) but this case was unique.

Wondering if I am missing something. Doubt anyone coded for this.

Edit 1: You will also notice that I traveled exactly 10 tiles there. which is abnormal as no move should allow traveling 10 squares.

Yeah there as an issue raised about overtaking “through” another player.
It was decided that it didn’t make sense (unless the lagging player is a “ghost car”).
So now you will be stuck behind the other player like this until one of you turns.

Up side, the other player’s oil can’t touch you…so you got that going for you.

Ahh, Thank you, I was not aware of this, Will add some cases for this.

Yeah, I will say, getting (and staying) on top of the collision handling has been … challenging.

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