Boosting status

Hi, just want to know if anybody can explain the
properties in the player state.
I noticed when I have 2 boost powerups, use one, and then constantly trying to use the other one because my boosting says false, but the power up is not used (probably because the 1st one is still in effect). how do I know if a boost power up is still in effect?

I use current speed to check if my boost is active.

I also use boostCounter , when you first use boost, boostCounter shows how much rounds are left (assuming it does not interrupt) and resets to 0 if the boost gets stopped. So just keeping track of boostCounter should be sufficient.

As for the boosting variable itself, I have no idea. It could function like “Mud” where it shows true only the round you used boost (even if its still active after).

Thanx, helps alot, when you say boost gets interupted, does mud/oil cancel out boost?

Yes, they cancel boosts

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