Bot Initialisation Period

Good day,
Would it be possible for there to be a short period (maybe 2s) at the start of the match when bots are launched so that they can finish any initialisation? This would be prior to any state/game information being provided to the bots.
My usecase for this would be to load a large library and load a model file from disk.

Please let me know if something like this would be possible for the upcoming May tournament or at a future time :slight_smile:

Hey @marcin_k - not sure when/where, but somewhere in one of the logs I was staring at (might have been one downloaded from the portal) there was a line that read something like “waiting for bots to stabilize” or some such (read that with a LOT of salt).
It was in the first 50 or so lines of the log.

Bottom line, it looked to me like some grace time was being granted - but of course, I’m just an outside observer like you :slight_smile:

Ahh looks like you’re right
I should’ve checked the source first before asking on the forums


Nah, that’s what the Hive Mind is for :smiley: