Bot initialisation time

Good day,
Will there be provision for bot init time in the tournaments? As is, the bot runner starts the match and starts querying bots for commands immediately while my bot is still running its class constructor (i.e, loading the model). It then times out after 1000ms and gets recorded as no-move, for about 2 moves in a row until it’s done loading (on a Azure A2 instance I tested it takes ~1400ms for my model to load).

Its probably too late now for Early Bird, but I’d like to know for the future rounds

Hey @marcin_k

As for the first tournament, unfortunately you are correct we cannot add any additional startup time, we will however add a 1 round init time for all bots in the future after the first tournament.


How do we get this working in the starter pack? I would like to simulate exact tournament conditions as far as possible.