Bot movements actions

In the sproutopia solution > Domain > Enums > BotActions, the commands are IDLE,left, right, down, up and nothing else. In Build-A-Bot (2023), there are 9 commands - the 4 directions, 4 more directions (upright, downleft etc.) and the digging commands.

When I run these two, they connect and run. The bot moves in the 4 former directions, and will say in the Sproutopia server that the bot invoked X-command. However, when I try to use ANY other command, that is available in Build-A-Bot, the server will say “RECEIVED player command 8” or a different number…

Now, I know there’s no way there’s the bot can’t collect points, it’s probably me. How do I then dig and stuff? Literally anything other than the 4 main directions, how does one do it?

Those commands were for last year’s challenge (i.e. a different game).

The four directions in the Game Rules are the only valid commands for this year’s challenge.