Bot not running properly after submission

I’ve been making some final adjustments this morning but my new submissions aren’t running correctly on the server. It looks like I’m not getting any gamestatedtos from the server. And the match log might be truncated, so I can’t see what the actual problem is.

I have for example:

  (gameStateDto) =>
      Console.WriteLine("GameStateDTO hit: " + gameStateDto?.World.CurrentTick);


  (id) =>

The first entry on the bot log is the disconnect line and then anything extra I print after that prints, but the connected/registerd/dtoreceived is not printed. My population stays at 2 which corroborates my suspicion that the bot is never receiving any dtos.

If I test my bot locally it runs fine and gets a score of a few million, so I’m sure the bot runs fine. Looking at my subission history, it looks like the issue started yesterday with the bot not receiving dtos but still logging normally, and as of this morning, the log seems to be truncated.

My last submission ran successfully and normally now, but the bot log still seems to be missing everything before the disconnect line.

Hi Seuntjie,
I will DM you to try and get this issue resolved.