Bot randomly falls through a solid platform floor

My bot random;ly falls through my platform floor?

I made some changes to my bot recently, I made some very basic changes to my bot.
And the changes, although they work, suddenly my character falls through the platform

So I start my match, Only do Right moves.
And on the 4th tick, it just starts falling through the floor…

I have been running the same seed for weeks and restarted my device.

My feel is that even if it was a bot issue, it makes no sense that my bot should be able to just fall through a platform.

Here is a step by step of my start:

Im slowly stripping code out of my bot now.
But thats a very strange one.

Im wondering if its some kind of memory leak triggered by the way I am handling my steps…
**Though I am using normal heuristics. So im not messing with anything abnormal like memory.

Wondering if anyone saw something similar.

You can fall through platforms if you somehow perform a downwards movement, but other than that I haven’t seen this happen on my side before.

Im not touching the Down movement,

Im going to revert to an earlier bot on this one.
Its very strange…

Im only issuing Right movements, and it drops.
But thats sometimes part of the fun. :person_shrugging:

You were right… Such a silly mistake on my part…

So I have 2 functions thats very similar but slightly different, as one is for round 1 and the other for round 2+.

In my actual conditionals for checking the moves I have if(mv==‘L’) for example, but mc for the original,
After a copy paste I did not change those vars leaving my bot open to essentially look at the last viable move sequence… Which triggers on Round 4.

Such a silly issue that I should have easily avoided. I pretty much stripped everything out just to get to this one very simple bug.

Now I can rest. Made some nice improvements along the way too.
At this rate top 8 for me will be a pipe dream if I dont get into the right gears.

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