Bot Runner Hardware

Hi, I’m having quite a few issues with my bot timing out sometimes against the reference bot when testing the bot upload.
I’ve gone to some extreme lengths trying to make my bot use very little time and be aware of time.

On my laptop it never runs for more than 250 MS. I also run my bot in a thread that I interrupt after 900 MS if it takes too long so I can just return ACCELERATE.

None of my efforts have made any difference… I still always get 1 or 2 timeouts per race.

I’m worried that it may be GC freezes… Which is my fault for choosing a JVM language I guess but I was just wondering what kind of hardware and memory the bot runner is using ??


Hi @LouisLotter the bot runner has 1 CPU and 4GB RAM. All the bots run on 2.5 CPU and 4GB RAM.
I hope this helps. In the meantime we’ll have a look at if the issue is on our side and get back to you.

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Thanks. I hope I’m not being stupid. :sweat_smile:

@LouisLotter, similiar issues have cropped up in the past also.
Some theories were put forward that disk I/O might be causing (technically incorrect) timeouts to be detected.
I have noticed that it can indeed be a problem on my local machine (running a game while deleting some older game logs for example).

I am also one of those silly Java guys - have seen some “timeout” issues in the past, but not in my last 4 (?) submissions.

That said, I was also a bit worried aboug GC, so have made some efforts to keep mem use as flat as possible.

Anyway, I thiink this was the previous thread on this:

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this seems to be resolved for me now. Not sure what changed…

Is it a fair assumption that if my bot runs comfortably on the player portal, it will run comfortably on the tournament server?


If it is not a fair assumption, then I am even more boned than I assumed I am.

But I do believe it to be so…

i guess that depends on whether they are isolating the bots from each other properly. If one bot can just start up a bunch of threads and take over … It would be very unfair and I’d be boned.

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Every bot runs in their own container!


I’ve had some major problems with IO using containers in the past.
Did you guys test the throughput, latency etc for these containers ?

Sorry not trying to be difficult I’d just really like to understand what’s causing these timeouts.

But presumably on different hardware?

Two bots on in the same VM might still step on each other’s toes…