Bot Time Limit Exceeded?

I’ve noticed when I run a few hundred matches that I get some random Time Limit exceeded exceptions from the game engine. Strangely when it seems my bot executed successfully. for example

09-06-2017 07:37:12:128 - I: Output from bot: [BOT] Command: 1,9,4
09-06-2017 07:37:12:136 - I: Output from bot: [BOT] History successfully written
09-06-2017 07:37:12:136 - I: Output from bot: [BOT] Bot finished in 657 ms.
09-06-2017 07:37:12:142 - I: Output from bot:
09-06-2017 07:37:12:142 - E: Output from bot:
09-06-2017 07:37:12:144 - I: Your bots total execution time was 00:00:02.8543287
09-06-2017 07:37:12:144 - I: Your bot exceeded the maximum execution time
09-06-2017 07:37:12:144 - E: Bot time limit exceeded BotRunner.Exceptions.TimeLimitExceededException: Time limit exceeded by 00:00:00.8481390
at TestHarness.TestHarnesses.Bot.BotRunner.RunBot() in W:\Projects\100k\2017\Github\2017-Batteships\GameEngine\Battleships\BotRunner\Harness\Bot\BotRunner.cs:line 96
at TestHarness.TestHarnesses.Bot.BotHarness.RunBotAndGetNextMove() in W:\Projects\100k\2017\Github\2017-Batteships\GameEngine\Battleships\BotRunner\Harness\Bot\BotHarness.cs:line 150

I’ve noticed that often on that same round the opponent also has a timeout, even the reference bot gots these timeouts. It could just be my machine that might get lag spikes. Anyone else seen anything like this?

Your bot is taking too much time to come to a conclusion! Check your loops and recursive methods as for the random botcive never experienced that on my side

It might also just be system related…