Bounty, Something is odd

Hey guys, Just noticed something regarding bounty.

Rules state:
For each successful shot you will be awarded 10 points.For destroying an enemy ship you will be awarded 30 points.For killing the enemy player you will be awarded an additional 100 points.

Does this mean that a win would be equal to a certain amount of points?

Now in the rankings theres a few players whose ties with no losses (all 5 wins 0 losses).

Is this because of bot compiling errors that caused a match to never really start / No sunkin ships = no points?

Sorry for the early morning message. Just wondering about bounty.


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As I write this Iā€™m 5 victories to 1 lose and only have 820 bounty, while everyone around me has at least 1100 so I can only assume there are some wins that generated no points for me. Perhaps a lot of peoples bots are erroring out during the match or during ship placement?

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Hi Willie,

You are indeed correct. There are a lot of matches where the match never really started. A winner is still decided upon though (we have to do this because how things were designed), but neither player received any points for the match. Those players will move down in rankings as the game progresses however.

In any case, all of those matches have been flagged for verification and will be double checked and possibly re-run during the verification phase of the tournament.

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the last version i downloaded i still did not get rewarded 30 points per ship sink , just mentioning again , dont know if its of concern .

Hi wjb,

After looking through the scores there are no major concerns with the points not being awarded, it will be fixed in the upcoming release, I apologize for the inconvenience, I will keep a close eye on the results and keep you guys posted on any updates.