Bug in output files of Release 2019.1.0 runner

Hi @entelect team,

When running a round using Release 2019.1.0 the output in the csv round files are incorrect. The columns “LastCommandType” and “LastCommand” are null.

Screenshot for comparison with the initial release(Release 2019.0.0):

Tested with freshly downloaded release zip.

The issue popped up initially here https://forum.entelect.co.za/t/visualiser/632/32

Uhoh :hushed:

The only thing that was supposed to change in this release was the column headings. I have created an issue to track this: https://github.com/EntelectChallenge/2019-Worms/issues/40

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This has been fixed. We have not released a new starter pack yet, but the fix is on the develop branch of our repo.

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