Bug in Point system

For the university cup some people have almost 3 million points on the leaderboards which is impossible due to the fact that the max you can get is under 1 million.
There was a bug in the marking system that allowed us to submit a file with just 1 B and a lot of F’s in order to get unlimited points.
Will you guys be doing anything to fix this?
Do the people who wrote the most F’s get the prize for the challenge?
Or will you change the marking system so that it works correctly and change the leaderboards?

Hi @dkm

You are limited to 14 consecutive Fs before your worm will resign, so you can’t just keep on writing Fs to get unlimited points. The reason they got a lot of points is that they utilized all their worms per map to do some tasks and get a lot of rest. We looked at the output file that got the most points and although it got lots of points, it could easily have gotten more if it was optimized to do more tasks.

We are still verifying the various uploads, but as it stands now, it looks like the results will most likely stay the same.

We will admit that the problem was more difficult to understand than we intended it to be. We have taken note of this and will try our best to make sure future University Cups more understandable and robust. Since this is only the second University Cup, we are still figuring things out and feedback like this is useful in what not to do next year.

Thanks for taking part and sorry that you feel this way after the competition. We hope that we can make the University Cup fun for all who participate in the upcoming years.